Steamcon III approaches, and Clockwork Beetle Curiosities jewelry items will be available in 3 different locations!

The Fates have been working in my favor for getting my jewelry bits and baubles into the Steampunk  Seattle world.

I will be showing my Fancy Bits off at the Art Show to be taken home by the highest bidder,

(BTW, get your minds out of the gutter…Not THOSE fancy bits!)

But you can also find my work at both the Lastwear booth:

And at “A Masquerade”  booth to boot!

Come find me!

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My Bio for Big Pencil Group!

Maizie Teasworth, AKA Barbara Goldman,
Finds great delight in writing about the colorful imagery parading about her brainpan.
She sees life as a series of humorous tales in search of a punch line.

Occasionally,when said punch line makes itself known to her,she finds herself giggling in such a way as to make herself a candidate for a nice little stay at the Bughouse, where she will most likely be having another nice laugh, usually at some poor bug’s expense.
At other times, she gallantly tries to stay out of trouble by occupying herself making Jewelry for her shop Clockwork Beetle Curiosities on Etsy:

She also is the Social Events Facilitator for the Seattle Steamrats, a Northwest Steampunk organization, and an accomplished chef to boot, though her attempts to cook said boot are not for the weak of heart or palate.

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WWGBD? (What would Geneviève Bouteille Do?)

You are faced with a vexing conundrum.

You are Tending Bar at Medieval Living History event.

A beefy fellow dressed in standard mufti  (civilian wear) saunters over with his short shorted and tramp stamped bleached blond companion, and taps one of the knights having an ale on his fully mailed shoulder, and says:

“You look like a Pussy in that get up. Don’t you know it’s not Halloween yet?”

He then roughly shoves him aside, and asks you for a Coors light.

You can smell the aggression coming off both of the testosterone flooded men, and you have just a split second to deal with the situation before many things and people get broken.


A.  State to the offending idiot “Sorry sir, but we have a policy to not provide strong drink to people under the mental age of 12”, and then take out a baseball bat.

B.  Use your sleepy time knock out aerosol dispenser ring on the offending idiot, watch him drop like a big heavy bag of stupid, and then call security, giving them instructions to place him outside the front gate, after removing his pants. You give his female friend a good talking to, and the phone number of local relationship abuse hotline.

C. Start singing the national anthem, loudly , high pitched and off key.

Or …..?

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The first couple paragraphs of…”Have Shaker-Will Time Travel: The Geneviève Bouteille Chronicles- Part 2, The Hindenburg Cocktail.” More coming soon!


” **Sputter- hack**! You want me to go WHERE?!!”
I had preformed an almost textbook “spit take”, wasting a healthy mouthful of my Gin and tonic, as Ernst and I sat at “The 6 Arms Pub” on a rainy night in Seattle.

I regretted even that small loss,
since service had been glacially slow that evening due to a lack of a full bar staff. I was unlikely to be able to get a refill any time soon.

The Professor patted my hand in a paternal fashion.
“Now now, my dear, you will be on the Hindenburg’s 1936 maiden voyage to New York, long before that fateful day at Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937. I do hope you know I would never put you in harm’s way, Geneviève.”

” Why do you want me to go there? I’m not too crazy about the possibility of real trouble, considering the rise of the Third Reich just around the corner. And you never explained why you can’t just go there yourself…”

Confab lowered his gaze to his cup of coffee, frowning with obvious discomfort.
” let’s just say I had a rather violent disagreement with with a fellow scientist, who then stole my prototype,and vowed to do me some irreparable harm in future, or in this case, past. He cannot come back to this present day time line, due to an repairable glitch in the Time Shaker he absconded with. I’m fairly certain you will not come into contact with him, as long as you are surreptitious in your travels.”


Hope this whets you appetite for more.

There will be history, action, a new drink recipe, and plot twists aplenty in short order!

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What a day for a “dirtnapple” and some nice Slack key guitar

Here’s a recipe for a drink I created, for your drinking and dreaming pleasure:
1 oz. each amber and coconut rum
2 oz. pineapple juice
1/2 oz each passion fruit syrup and fresh lime juice (use 1/4 oz syrup, if you don’t want it too sweet)
Shake um up wid ice, pour and enjoi!

and some great music:–KHdqanI&feature=player_embedded#at=30

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This Medal just found a new home with Phil Foglio of”Girl Genius” Fame! Similar can be found for sale at my Etsy Site.

Un Espirit l'Excellence Medal

This one of a kind fine bit of Steampunkery is fashioned around a Champagne capsule, which is the little metal cap that sits atop the cork, beneath the wire cage that holds the “Bubbly” captive. It came from a high quality vintner from the Rheims region in France.
Inscribed on the capsule is the script,” Un Espirit l’Exellence” which means, of course, A spirit of excellence..
I myself can vouch for the quality of this particular vintage…**Hic**.
The medal itself is beautifully embellished with a large vintage brass clock gear and ornate little bronze tone wings, and as a really lovely finishing touch, the black military ribbon drape is given the royal treatment with an ornate bit of filigree bronze tone pewter scroll work.
The Medallion is also suspended from a short length of vintage brass clock chain, rather than the standard jump ring. The chain will add a good looking touch, and higher level of sturdiness to the piece, for added durability.
Why do you need a medal, you might ask?
My personal motto is:
If you have survived to this moment in your life, you have won many battles, shown bravery in the face of adversity, and been victorious against all odds.
(even if you have simply triumphed over an entire bottle of Champagne, dammit!)
Show the world what a hero you really are, and display this fine medal proudly upon you esteemed person.
(And don’t forget to have a good story ready as to how you earned it!)
And get ready to be Lauded by all and sundry!

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The bluebird of Snappiness

Just getting started on DeviantArt :

Its also on Etsy at

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