Gay Lesbian Same Sex Marriage Medal of Valour Necklace for Women

What is Valour?
Courage, especially that shown in war or battle.

Bravery, heroism, fearlessness, boldness, gallantry, pluck, spirit, lionheartedness.

This Medal Necklace honors all the strong, brave and persistent Women who, in the face of governmental and religious opposition, continue to stand up and say;
” All who Love and Commit to one another should and WILL be given the Right to Marry!”

This Fine piece depicts two lovely modern art female nude figures with a thorn crowned Heart between them, dangling from a filigree pewter pendant, all Hanging from a double black ribbon that connects in a clip at the back.

May all who see you, or someone you love, wearing this Medal, open their hearts and minds to this Great Truth:



About maizieteasworth

My website: I'm a professional trouble and Jewelry maker, in search of a paycheck. I like long walks on the beach,the laughter of little children,and the occasional re-animation of taxidermied small mammals to do my bidding. My motto is;" What a lovely shade of green! It's either very old meat, or very new cheese" Words to live by. Or to after-live by.
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