Sure Fire-Guy Magnate-Snacky Choker

Tired of spending $$$ for fancy assed French perfumes, only to find that only other Gals think you smell purty?
Are you facing yet another Monday night football as a “Sports Widow”, or worse yet, an uninteresting cypher on the radar of Burly Man Meat Central?

Then this lovely necklace is for you!

Guaranteed to attract every hungry for love Fella in the dive bar of your choice.

You are bound to get a good nibble on your well baited fashion statement!

Made of real ‘Tater Tots, olives, and a stunning bacon wrapped pickled asparagus pendant, it is highly reccomened as the most recyclable and attention getting jewelry item you will ever own.
Even shy stray pooches will come a runnin’ just to show their undying affection!
Get yours today (because it will most likely be kinda ripe by tomorrow), and give those Big Galoots a try at your smorgasbord of greasy yummy goodness!

and this is why you shouldn’t feed the dogs wearing this necklace….


About maizieteasworth

My website: I'm a professional trouble and Jewelry maker, in search of a paycheck. I like long walks on the beach,the laughter of little children,and the occasional re-animation of taxidermied small mammals to do my bidding. My motto is;" What a lovely shade of green! It's either very old meat, or very new cheese" Words to live by. Or to after-live by.
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