This Medal just found a new home with Phil Foglio of”Girl Genius” Fame! Similar can be found for sale at my Etsy Site.

Un Espirit l'Excellence Medal

This one of a kind fine bit of Steampunkery is fashioned around a Champagne capsule, which is the little metal cap that sits atop the cork, beneath the wire cage that holds the “Bubbly” captive. It came from a high quality vintner from the Rheims region in France.
Inscribed on the capsule is the script,” Un Espirit l’Exellence” which means, of course, A spirit of excellence..
I myself can vouch for the quality of this particular vintage…**Hic**.
The medal itself is beautifully embellished with a large vintage brass clock gear and ornate little bronze tone wings, and as a really lovely finishing touch, the black military ribbon drape is given the royal treatment with an ornate bit of filigree bronze tone pewter scroll work.
The Medallion is also suspended from a short length of vintage brass clock chain, rather than the standard jump ring. The chain will add a good looking touch, and higher level of sturdiness to the piece, for added durability.
Why do you need a medal, you might ask?
My personal motto is:
If you have survived to this moment in your life, you have won many battles, shown bravery in the face of adversity, and been victorious against all odds.
(even if you have simply triumphed over an entire bottle of Champagne, dammit!)
Show the world what a hero you really are, and display this fine medal proudly upon you esteemed person.
(And don’t forget to have a good story ready as to how you earned it!)
And get ready to be Lauded by all and sundry!


About maizieteasworth

My website: I'm a professional trouble and Jewelry maker, in search of a paycheck. I like long walks on the beach,the laughter of little children,and the occasional re-animation of taxidermied small mammals to do my bidding. My motto is;" What a lovely shade of green! It's either very old meat, or very new cheese" Words to live by. Or to after-live by.
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