My Bio for Big Pencil Group!

Maizie Teasworth, AKA Barbara Goldman,
Finds great delight in writing about the colorful imagery parading about her brainpan.
She sees life as a series of humorous tales in search of a punch line.

Occasionally,when said punch line makes itself known to her,she finds herself giggling in such a way as to make herself a candidate for a nice little stay at the Bughouse, where she will most likely be having another nice laugh, usually at some poor bug’s expense.
At other times, she gallantly tries to stay out of trouble by occupying herself making Jewelry for her shop Clockwork Beetle Curiosities on Etsy:

She also is the Social Events Facilitator for the Seattle Steamrats, a Northwest Steampunk organization, and an accomplished chef to boot, though her attempts to cook said boot are not for the weak of heart or palate.


About maizieteasworth

My website: I'm a professional trouble and Jewelry maker, in search of a paycheck. I like long walks on the beach,the laughter of little children,and the occasional re-animation of taxidermied small mammals to do my bidding. My motto is;" What a lovely shade of green! It's either very old meat, or very new cheese" Words to live by. Or to after-live by.
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