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My website: I'm a professional trouble and Jewelry maker, in search of a paycheck. I like long walks on the beach,the laughter of little children,and the occasional re-animation of taxidermied small mammals to do my bidding. My motto is;" What a lovely shade of green! It's either very old meat, or very new cheese" Words to live by. Or to after-live by.

Steamcon III approaches, and Clockwork Beetle Curiosities jewelry items will be available in 3 different locations!

The Fates have been working in my favor for getting my jewelry bits and baubles into the Steampunk  Seattle world. I will be showing my Fancy Bits off at the Art Show to be taken home by the highest bidder, … Continue reading

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My Bio for Big Pencil Group!

Maizie Teasworth, AKA Barbara Goldman, Finds great delight in writing about the colorful imagery parading about her brainpan. She sees life as a series of humorous tales in search of a punch line. Occasionally,when said punch line makes itself known … Continue reading

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WWGBD? (What would Geneviève Bouteille Do?)

You are faced with a vexing conundrum. You are Tending Bar at Medieval Living History event. A beefy fellow dressed in standard mufti  (civilian wear) saunters over with his short shorted and tramp stamped bleached blond companion, and taps one … Continue reading

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The first couple paragraphs of…”Have Shaker-Will Time Travel: The Geneviève Bouteille Chronicles- Part 2, The Hindenburg Cocktail.” More coming soon!

  ” **Sputter- hack**! You want me to go WHERE?!!” I had preformed an almost textbook “spit take”, wasting a healthy mouthful of my Gin and tonic, as Ernst and I sat at “The 6 Arms Pub” on a rainy … Continue reading

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What a day for a “dirtnapple” and some nice Slack key guitar

Here’s a recipe for a drink I created, for your drinking and dreaming pleasure: Dirtnapple 1 oz. each amber and coconut rum 2 oz. pineapple juice 1/2 oz each passion fruit syrup and fresh lime juice (use 1/4 oz syrup, … Continue reading

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This Medal just found a new home with Phil Foglio of”Girl Genius” Fame! Similar can be found for sale at my Etsy Site.

This one of a kind fine bit of Steampunkery is fashioned around a Champagne capsule, which is the little metal cap that sits atop the cork, beneath the wire cage that holds the “Bubbly” captive. It came from a high … Continue reading

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The bluebird of Snappiness

Just getting started on DeviantArt : Its also on Etsy at

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